Cattle bottom, now day4, KCW olive victims
Alan R. Palmer of Walsh Trading - - Mon Apr 16, 11:52AM CDT

Mon am comment, Sat below that.

Good morning rural producers,

Now I do not know a turner from a barn sale, or that the USDA is way undercounting those poor little critters freezing across the US.

If I was a betting money manager of the mindset (most brokers are idio'sa's, no orininal trade idea) that we really are not going to have a spring due to China's hot air blast funace churning out the Worlds junk. A pit like my vision of a virtual pit in your choice of futures mkt.

Anyway fundamentally this seems like something not appreciated in this 16% swandive into bargain levels in meats. Weights down? Wall of cattle has been marked to market? Sold.

JBS or whom ever got a new low point from which to build. Come on farmers, this is basic macro accounting intertwined with profit opportunity is your don't have your balls in, enough.

How could cattle play out? Options? Lotto tiks?

So lets say because weather is a first time ever which is in glossary. Call me up and tell me (old timers like me) the last time or some outcomes of cold snow in middle of April.

That is where a derivative bet is being placed now in my opinion. Say the crop up above with otc default swaps (simple calls puts) and the story this June, say heavy losses, diseases, light weights, eating moldy wheat.

Do I have to spoon-feed ideas? (1yr. granddaughter, stayed Sat night, great)

You guys that use a broker that uses his head for a drifter and not enough?

I continue to say Prepare for market swings we have not seen in 40-50 years.

I used to go to the CBOT Library daily when young. I know, I'm out there a little bit but then again, the conspiracy theorists have been right for a while now.

Drop bomb as distraction when FBI tell all book about sex acts? If you don't see risk. Then your with the right broker now.

Stocks- go home algo flat because when they hit necklines like last Friday, man they hit with opportunity. Go home flat and sleep at night.

Beans gain to meal on historic valuation, 30 year chart macro.

Wheat- yeah buy this falling knife again. Just think huge macro swings of 20% within less than 11 days.

Vision- a drop down menu of how I determine w AI guy where we put strategy in front of you depending bull, very b, etc. Your trader profile.

When OLS turns vio, it tends to pull to what color and go to new highs?

Then if you want to play sxkez momentum spread for just 80cents, not piggy.

So that is tol, thinking out loud of whats on horizon.

Crude- that high is a big one. It still can come back but broke 1% this am off it in the middle of spike.

Do your homework of play the markets with someone with a head on shoulder that sleeps this stuff with how to catch rules from a pit rat from the pits in Chicago.

Call your radio station and get me on your station.

You have to be gun shy on way down. I'm talking cattle in February and I have learned from my guys on how I might have helped them more, when they all told me cattle was going lower. I left 3 day vaca, hogs or cattle opens up, stops us out of small, rallies last buck, 20c high miss to reshort, of where we had a package to sell,

and that was my first down time. Suggestion, I have the 19" HWP laptop, gazillion 16 gig ram, $1k Costco for you guys that just need a 19" laptop to control your world.

When I start steaming videos mkt updates, to you, cowboys, clients, pro's etc, maybe foreigners? :) Could use feedback.

Put your new laptop in the pickup truck, and when you get by wifi?

Look at my charts for levels but early. Or check those levels on my chart. You don't need one at home with big laptop. Any 19" leather bags down there? Leather px is low I heard.

Brand new guy said they, feedlot, covered some, lifted (offers) one .025 tick LCM, 103.33 was it? on my bull stand since last WED late action 500 lot, I was telling clients.

Nice, glad to help against these HFT bandits. Lock and load Monday LC FC. Call for 1min level.

E Fundamentals (my collar, call) We have to speak the same language. I find it funny because you guys says sell when you mean buy. Cash vs Board thing. Hello, this is my product in life. Pro views and technical's and a aggressive client. The artificial intelligence young man is mapping out the virtual pits of Alan Palmer. I have a vision for all of you. Sitting on the fence, or long term. Gun slinging is in my DNA also.

Why do I give a rats ass its a record cold ? in KS this past Monday (also the OLS 547) guys,

same day is when you sell olive? Seriously we all know most of you are, Nasdog olive line victims at least, in KC for a 40c vertical 4 day'er straight down, on freeze sell into event or sell the news? This is easy stuff for pit pro's. If you don't see it skeptically all the time! Fill out the straight link today, not 3 months from now in a drought!

Olive line hurts most traders, including me. We must guard against.

FROST over weekend ? IT'S A Sell it because you just got paid.

Is it greed? Fear of missing? It's just a trade. These are not trophy's. You don't catch the bull market. You make some coin because you hit and run.

We really talk in futures. Lifting offers is buying CME futures. That's what I do when appropriate.

So in feeders this week if you think this is going to skyrocket up 20 or 30% to new highs by Summer drought or whatever, I would have you buying the p out of certain months, spreads for sure. Buy stops, flip long, -er, above OLS is warranted and closed over, another sign of acceleration up to me. Under 145 off mem. Call. LCM closed over OLS, now buy Green has been pistol hot now. See your charts and make sure to hit my email.

Hey, FC LC forget ratio hit a red line. I don't think anyone trades it here. $12 ish is red and we just sliced thru two others majors. Down from $25.

Just buy cattle against a buck? What the heck already. To this Pro, Everybody thinks it's going under a buck? This is exactly like the soybean buy 9.07 I issued a month early. Thank goodness that chart is gone. Charts and this relationship that this olive line is the genesis of trading in every time frame is most mind blowing because all I see are olives, now. It takes years and 1st student/client swings it like Goldman. He guns for the olives. I created a rural monster? lmao.

Buy wheat KC only. Who cares about chgo except trading spreads at my extremes, which have been happening. SMK-V hit an OLS $26.??, when a very treasured CME Associate asked what the olive was and I saw how even he is learning. It was an ols at like $26.00 over the Oct because it was a squeeze.

The internet is out. It's so quiet at 8am. People are addicted to their phones. I promise it is brainwashing. Scrolling keeps you looking, wanting? Tech Execs do not let kids have smartphones.

Farmers bear brunt, vs. IP GCI rights? Intellectual Property rights. Things like absurd patent law where patents never expire and flow down to society? Why do emails have different commands, diff prog.s? Stupid patents, never flow to society benefit.

It happened to traders, and TECH, is cannibalizing all employment. AMZN never pays income tax and I think they get tax money back. It's wild and out of control but that is for bonds and yield traders.

I experiment with trying to turn you into a successful trader. I have a hundred rules or excuses that I will put in your face as markets move. That $15k in options from 1.37 to 10.50 offer? BACK to 2 !

Your money if you didn't take it. I am trying to teach here how you have to act. We sold 1KC, broke $2,000. Great huh? Calls back under 2. Take the frizzing money, and have a great life! That's the way to score in futures. Fuzz the trend.

Have not I said I used to go on vacation after a large haul? This game is about hitting them huge when it plays and stay out in the chop. Chop means chop at your brain with, if only?

I will find the next vertical move. When it comes, you will not take the signal until it beats it, into you. Who are you to scoff this big money off. I want you to win,

at my sport, trading at the expert levels I continue to pull out of my. bag of tricks designed to say no to selling bonds down by the OLB's, it split. Contract rolls? You do them wrong and that is because it is free. Wanna bet? I'm sorry but acting as a mentor to a client but it applies to all traders.

Take profits off the table when we race up to my sell levels no matter what. You're out, and bag the reward. This is playing macro. This is my talent and by me not trading again for now, yet keeps my vision, opinion, with my clients. Why would I want to work with clients? Sure commission, but I have to work way more, than trading from Fla or where ever as independent.

I can help you while trading vicariously today thru you, where I give you the balls when light turns green, .35c stop

and the last of the fundamental guys sell. That's when you buy feeders at extreme, 90% off, firesale prices. 1.41 ish is my opinion. This weather must be making feeders sick. Two days of sun last month? Buy wheat mold story and feeder story now which is early. That's when you get bang.

You better be good at your macro.

You also might be using the incorrect timeframe chart. This olive stops all timeframes out.

Feeders only two sunny days. It's like wheat with mold. It's possible this is a material change in market structure. next big leg up.

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